Your home is your castle. You want that castle to be kept well and protected from the elements and pests. You also want it climate controlled so you can enjoy cozy warmth in the winter and cool comfort in the summer.

If you’re not getting the peace and comfort you deserve in your home, then what? If you’ve troubleshooted and discovered your windows are to blame, it may be time for replacements. Here are some signs that it’s time to kiss your old windows goodbye.

1.  Are your windows damaged?

This is an obvious one. If you have cracked or broken windows, you need to replaced them sooner rather than later. That said, not all damage is as obvious as a crack in a pane. If there’s condensation inside your windows, that’s a sure sign of a leak – and it could mean you need new windows.

2. Is it drafty?

We’ve covered drafts before and how they can be caused by shoddy or worn-out weatherstripping on your windows. These can be letting heat or cold into your house, and therefore the reason your house is colder than it should be. Unfortunately, it could also cause sky-high energy bills in the winter, and again in the summer. Replacing your windows is an investment that will save you thousands in the long term.

3. Are the neighbors noisier than usual?

Probably not. But if it seems like the volume’s turned up on outside barking, lawn-mowing, kids playing, and the couple next door fighting for the umpteenth time, it could be because your windows aren’t protecting you from outside noises. If you have single-pane windows, outside sounds will invade your home more, so consider investing in double-pane or triple-pane windows.

Save yourself time and money in the long term by investing in new windows. D&W Windows has an excellent selection that can lower your energy bills, carbon footprint, noise pollution, and more!

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