Your entry door is always a focal point. It’s where most people look as they walk up to visit. That doesn’t mean your new door needs to be a perfect showstopper, but it should serve a few basic purposes.

If you’re shopping for a new entry door, here are three things you should look for before you invest in your home’s new presentation.

1. Is it safe?

Will your new front door be strong? Specifically, can it stand up to a forced entry or break-in? To feel safe in your own home, you need a door that can resist the unthinkable.

On that note, you also need a well-sealed door that can protect you from the elements. A drafty entry door can surely lead to higher energy bills if it’s not properly sealed with the right weatherstripping and frame sealing. Towels and old blankets in front of the door is a band-aid solution. Fix the problem for good with a new door.

2. Does it make your home look better?

Curb appeal can boost the value of your home. As the focal point of your house, your entry door to your home’s presentation is the turkey to Thanksgiving dinner. It’s the star of the show. If you plan to sell, a new, secure, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing front door can spell a bigger ROI when you close. Even if you plan on staying in your home long-term, a new door can be a point of pride in the home you live in.

3. Is it energy efficient?

Going back to point 1, you don’t want a drafty door sucking your energy away. More to the point, you don’t want hundreds and thousands of dollars flying out your entry door in the form of sky-high energy bills. Look for a new entry door with proper fitting, sealing and weatherstripping to save you time, money, and energy.

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