The bathroom is often one of the smaller spaces in your home. This can sometimes make it feel a bit cramped. Here are 4 simple yet effective tips you can use to make your bathroom feel bigger.


Lighting Matters – Optimizing your Visibility and Space

Bringing in as much natural light as possible can work wonders in making your bathroom feel airy and expansive. Start by making sure your windows are as unobstructed as possible. And consider frosted glass to maintain your privacy without sacrificing that essential daylight.

If the only source of light in your bathroom is a single overhead fixture, you can add some extra lighting options to balance it out. For example, adding wall sconces on either side of the mirror can create a softer, more inviting ambiance.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – Creating the Illusion of Depth

For a long time, mirrors have been an interior design trick for making small spaces feel larger. You can place mirrors high up on the walls to draw the eye up and create the illusion of a higher ceiling. But strategically placed mirrors can do more than just make the room feel bigger. Hang a large mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light. The greater the reflection, the brighter and more open your bathroom will appear.


Declutter Your Space – It’s Not What You Add, It’s What You Remove

One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel larger is by keeping counters and other surfaces free from clutter. If you don’t use certain items every day, then find them a home in a drawer or cabinet. Trays, baskets, and boxes can corral items and keep your countertops tidy. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your bathroom looks when the surfaces are clear.


Tub to Shower Conversion – Making Way for More Space

Is your bathroom dominated by an old, bulky tub? If so, you can replace your outdated tub with a modern shower that gives a sleek, modern appearance to your bathroom. A tub to shower conversion also benefits folks with mobility challenges, offering them easy access to the shower without any tub barriers. Also, the shower’s simple, streamlined design will feel less intrusive in the overall space.


Making a Big Impact

Making your bathroom look bigger isn’t just about creating more physical space – it’s about adjusting the details so that your bathroom feels open and welcoming.

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