Crisp mornings and bright foliage are wonderful sights at this time of year. If you have a sunroom, you don’t have to walk out of your house to enjoy the scenery of a lavish fall morning or fiery fall evening.

If you have a sunroom, you can enjoy all four seasons’ outdoor scenery without getting cold, sunburned, or rained on. Why not use this space to your advantage and decorate with the seasons? Fall is iconic for decorating thanks to apples, pumpkins, and all the festive colors. Add a pop of autumn to the inside of your sunroom with these decorating tips.

1. Add fall foliage to a vase

Fiery leaves from oak, maple, and beech trees will give you a beautiful range of fall colors. Pair them with pussywillow, reeds, tall grasses and more festive fall plants for a unique, showstopping arrangement. Need a vase to put it in? Choose a copper vase, farmhouse style container, or a tall, narrow wooden box or barrel for an antique, autumnal look.

2. Get creative with pumpkins

Sure, you could just throw pumpkins here and there in your sunroom. However, you can add a splash of creativity with your pumpkins. Southern Living has a couple ideas for what to do with your pumpkins besides slapping one on a table. Carve a small pumpkin and throw a tea candle in there. Voila! Pumpkin spice candle holders.  For extra ambiance, brush it with cinnamon and allspice and let your patio smell like pumpkin spice.

Another idea from Southern Living? A “mumkin”! Purchase a mum plant from your local grocery store. Carve the top and scoop the guts and seeds out. Then, take the mum out of the plastic container and pop it in the pumpkin. Fill excess space with gardening soil and enjoy your mumkin! Southern Living also suggests filling smaller gourds with pansies and other fall-friendly plants in the same fashion. Mumkins and other carved gourds are excellent for your sunroom’s outdoor entrance.

3. Set the table

If your sunroom has a table, HGTV suggests moving family meals out to the sunroom. Arrange apples in a basket with fall leaves for a festive centerpiece. In the centerpiece, you can also add acorns and small gourds for extra fall variety. Obviously, placemats should be beautiful fall colors. Don’t stop there, though. Use placemats made of natural materials like burlap and use twine or fall-festive ribbons to hold silverware and napkins in place.

4. Throw ideas

If you’re switching out your throws, pillows, and other accents, go for natural, fall colors like mustard yellows, burnt orange, crimson and earth tones. Plaid is also a staple for fall, so go for a hunting-lodge style buffalo plaid or for a unique, fashionable twist. Sheepskin throws and warmer ginghams are also cozy fall ideas for your sunroom.

Love these ideas, but don’t have a sunroom to put them in? Contact us today or receive a quote now. Then, experience the difference and enjoy all four seasons in your own home.