If you have a small bathroom, you know that fitting everything you need in the space available can be a challenge. Try these ideas to get the most out of your small bathroom. Big Remodeling Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Choose a light color for your floor. In a small bathroom, a new floor can make a big difference. Select a light color to make your bathroom feel larger and more open. You can also make the room feel bigger by running tile from the floor right into the shower stall. If replacing the flooring is beyond your budget, try placing a light-colored rug on your bathroom floor.

Add a backsplash. Add a row of decorative tile behind your sink to add color to your small bathroom. This is a great trick if you’re on a budget since you will not need a lot of tile.

Try a corner sink. Who says your sink must be in the middle of the wall? A corner sink will free up more floor space in your small bathroom and give it a unique look.

Select a curved vanity. Not only will you gain additional space with a curved vanity, you won’t hit a sharp edge when you’re in a hurry. A rounded vanity will even work well in a square opening.

Install stylish shelves along the wall. Installing new shelves on your bathroom wall provides additional storage space without taking up additional room. You can use your shelves to tie the room together: Add colorful towels to your shelves that match your bathroom’s color scheme.

Install a tub surround. Tub surrounds and bath wraps are a great way to upgrade your bathroom without spending the time and money for a complete bathroom remodel.

Add more mirrors. Reflective surfaces help any small room appear bigger. Maximize your space by installing the largest mirror that your bathroom will accommodate.

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