Few home improvement or home addition projects go as far beyond the practical and open up your life to nature, light and the experience of better living as much as a sunroom that extends a small kitchen. If the return of winter is on your mind, looking ahead and planning either a year-round or 3-season sunroom will be transformative for you and your family.

A Sunroom Increases Wellbeing in Your Home Adding a Sunroom

Think of the pleasures of a kitchen window, then imagine that natural light simply opening up. With next-generation quality insulated glass products, sunlight will light up your life all year without heating or chilling your interior. Integrating natural light into your environment is known to science as an incomparable way to improve the life and health of your home.

We have built sunrooms of all kinds, but adding a new room next to the kitchen has special appeal. For so many of us, breakfast has become a rushed afterthought. Better morning light from a sunroom next to the breakfast area transforms the ambiance for breakfast in your home, adding appeal to the most important meal. A favorite benefit of the kitchen sunroom extension is simply to provide another space for family meals. The secret that will keep you smiling is that you can gain this expansive-feeling living space at a better price than traditional construction or home additions. If the most used room in your house has not felt big enough to gather the entire family – or welcome your house guests – while you prepare meals, a new year-round sunroom extended from the kitchen or an old breakfast nook, for example, may be the solution.

Make Friends with Nature All Year Round

Amazingly, the added indoor space is – simultaneously – a powerful prompt to use your outdoor space during the pleasant weather. Overall, think of your sunroom as the most effective way to bring nature and the outdoors into your living space where you will encounter it without bugs, rain, summer heat or winter cold. You may find yourself putting up exciting new external lighting features or designer bird feeders to enjoy the outdoor show your sunroom provides.

Working in this field is deeply rewarding. We love building sunrooms, opening up homes to light, while containing energy costs for families. Get in touch with questions, plans, or just for inspiration.