There’s a lot that goes into keeping a house clean, including maintenance around your windows. Blinds and curtains should be vacuumed every other week. If this chore is coming up on your to-do list, here are a few tips from us on how to keep your blinds and curtains clean.

How to vacuum your curtains

Take the upholstery nozzle on your vacuum and move it up to down in short strokes. Think of it as “reverse brushing your hair.” Use the lowest setting if you’re working with lighter or delicate materials. If you’re working with a curtain with beads or other fragile decoration, you can just wipe the fabric down with a clean, dry towel. Either way, it’s critical to get as much dust, pet hair, and other debris off your curtains as possible so it doesn’t accumulate into the fabric and damage your curtains.

Know your fabrics

Is it time to throw your curtains in the wash? Do you know if you can just throw them in your washing machine or do you need to make a trip to the dry cleaners? Check to see what kind of fabric your curtains are made of. Like your clothes, they should come with washing instructions on a tag. Read those carefully and proceed with washing!

Cleaning your blinds 101

Not all blinds are created equally. You can wash your vinyl blinds with water or a spritz of your usual liquid cleaner, but if your blinds or shutters are made of wood, water or liquid is a no-go. Instead, dust the attachment side-to-side, working from top to bottom. Like your curtains, you an also use the upholstery hose from your vacuum.

While you’re at it ….

While you’re cleaning your curtains and blinds, it’s a great time to check your windows for damage. After you’re done dusting your curtains and wiping down your blinds, check the weatherstripping, the panes for cracks, and the edges for any holes or cracks.

Found some damage? Contact us today to set up an appointment!  We’ll set up a consultation to discuss repairing or replacing your windows before the problem gets worse.