Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home’s interior. The siding on your house needs regular maintenance too. If you’re like most homeowners and have vinyl siding, it might seem like your home’s siding doesn’t need as much TLC. Despite vinyl’s durability, it gets dirty. From dirt and dust to bird droppings and algae, vinyl siding needs regular washing to keep it looking nice.

If you’re a first-time homeowner or if your vinyl siding really needs a scrub-down, here are our tips for keeping your vinyl siding looking as good as it performs.

How often should I clean my vinyl siding?

Short answer: once a year. More factors can come into play though. What color is your vinyl siding, for instance? White or light-colored vinyl siding might need a scrub-down more than once a year. This is common sense; white doesn’t hide dirt or stains as well.

Similarly, if you live near a dirt road, construction site, or a busy road, dirt may get on your house more often, so cleaning it more often becomes a must.

Should you clean your house with a power washer?

The fastest way to clean your vinyl siding is with a power washer, but is it the best way? A power washer uses highly pressurized water to remove dirt and grime from your vinyl siding. There are pros to using a power washer, like getting more gunk off your house with less work but there are cons.

One of these can be: if your vinyl isn’t sturdy, if it’s flimsy or cracked or if the power washer is too overpowered, the water can leak in and cause more problems down the line like leaks, mold, and mildew. These problems are common with DIY jobs. Leaving it to the pros is your best bet, but could set you back a few hundred dollars.

DIY methods

A garden hose and a brush with an extender are all you need to start. You can either purchase a house wash or make your own. Reviewed.com suggests a few DIY concoctions, including a 70:30 vinegar-water solution, a bleach-water solution (1 gallon water to 1 cup bleach), and more. Clean the sides of your house like you’re brushing your teeth: gentle pressure, circular motions, and you’ll be surprised by how much grime comes off your house.

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