Dust if you must. Especially if you’ve just had a bunch of people over for Thanksgiving! The holiday season is in full swing, and if people will descend on your home again this month, maintaining that level of clean is a must, even with buying presents, more food, and trimming the house is already on our to-do.

We already know you have every nook and cranny covered, including the baseboards.  What about the windows? Windows can get dirty fast, so here are our tips on keeping them dust-free and sparkling all December.

1. First, dust the curtains

If you have curtains around your windows, your first step is to clear those of dust and debris. You can even enlist your handy-dandy vacuum hose to clean the dust off your curtains – just use the lowest setting. Similarly with blinds, use your vacuum on a low setting to remove dust.

2. About those blinds

After dusting the curtain and making sure all the dust is off your blinds, you can use a towel and the cleaning solution of your choice to get any remaining grime off your blinds. If you have wood blinds, be more cautious about what you use. We recommend a wood cleaner for real wood; stay away from harsh cleaners on your wood blinds!

But no matter what kind of blinds you have, wipe them after your dust, otherwise the dust will get wet and sticky and make the cleaning problem worse.

3. Now, to the windows

Our first tip is to use a different towel for wiping the window than you do for the sill and sides. We actually recommend looking into some window cleaning hacks like squeegees for the glass – that way, you leave your windows streak-free and free of any damage wiping them with a dirty towel will do.

Why shouldn’t you use the same towel? Because dirt on the windowsill can leave scratches and scuff marks, damaging your windows or making them harder to clean.

First, clean the sill and sides with a towel and the cleaning solution of your choice. Once it’s dust and dirt-free, then we recommend going at your windows with a squeegee and Windex.

Repeat these steps once a week and you’ll keep your windows sparkling through the holidays and beyond!

Did you notice any damage to your windows, like broken weatherstripping or something more serious? If so, contact us today and we’ll schedule a time to take a look. If it’s time to replace your windows, receive a free estimate here.