Summer is here, so it’s past time to pack away your boots and winter coats and replace them with sandals and light jackets. While you’re at it, your entryway could do with some sprucing up. After all, your entry door is where you welcome your guests, so it should be cozy, warm, and inviting.

  1. Invite plants

Both internally and externally, you can spruce up your entry door by placing a plant or three around it. Rather than going with flowers, you can spice it up with some succulents, a fern, or a small evergreen in a pot on either side of your door. If your entry door is covered, you can hang a potted plant at the entrance.

Plants aren’t just for the outdoors either. If you have a table in your entryway, take some flowers or cuttings and put them in a vase in your entryway.

  1. Summer wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the holidays. Grab a wreath of leaves or faux tropical plants for your doorway. If wreaths aren’t your thing, grab a summery-looking welcome sign featuring a sailboat, sun, or other fun summer elements. If you’re feeling DIY, check out this tutorial to make a living succulent wreath, perfect for summer!

  1. Welcome your guests and welcome summer

If you want to completely overhaul the decorations, choose minimal, lighter decorations featuring bright colors, pastels, or nautical themes to welcome summer. Pineapples have long been a symbol of hospitality, so placing pineapple-themed décor in your entryway would add a festive, welcoming touch to any home.

  1. Clean around your entryway

If you haven’t swept away winter mud and grime from your entryway, it’s better late than never! If you have trouble keeping your entry clean, consider investing in some stylish-looking organizers like coat hooks or shoe storage.

This is also an auspicious time to ensure your entry door is secured against the elements. Although most people think this is a winter activity, think again. Your cool AC air could escape out the front door, taking your home’s comfort – and your hard-earned money via increased energy bills – with it.

While you’re redecorating your entry door, did you notice any cracking or breaking along the edges or panels? Has it been difficult to open or close for a while? If so, it might be time to replace your entry door. Keep your family safe and comfortable and call us to set up a free consultation today!