If your family hasn’t gone back to school yet, the time for First Day of School pictures and waving goodbye to the school bus is fast approaching. It’s time – or past time – to get organized and ready for another school year. But if your school year already started, or is starting tomorrow or next week, is it really too late to make sure this year goes smoothly?

Getting organized for back to school can be as simple as making space in your entryway for leaving and coming back. Here are a few ideas to organize your entry door space for back to school.

The Launch Pad

Your entryway is where everyone leaves for their day, be it work or school. Put it to good use by designating it as a “launch pad.” This is the place where backpacks and briefcases are stored the night before so they can be grabbed and carried right out the door the next day.

Your launch pad can be a few hooks by your entry door, a shoe rack, or a short shelf with cubby holes for easy access and storage. If you’re placing hooks for backpacks, make sure they’re in reaching distance for younger kids to grab and go!

Homework Zone

In some houses, a homework zone by the entry door can work wonders. Homework can be done once everyone gets home from school. By going straight to the homework zone, a close walk away from your entry door, it minimizes distractions and makes it more likely that homework will be done right away, clearing the rest of the evening for fun.

A homework zone can be a small desk or a gathering of bean bag chairs. If there’s a computer involved in homework, making sure there’s room for a desk (and a system for taking turns if the computer’s shared) is a must. Having a family computer in the homework zone not only is helpful, but also ensures easy check-ins for safety and productivity.

Kick-off Point for Sports Equipment

Wire cubbies for baseballs, basketballs, yoga mats, and gym bags are a great addition to any back-to-school launch pad, whether you have kids in sports or not. It’s an easy place to keep what you need for a fun day in the park, or so the adults in the house can go hit the gym right after coming home and changing.

Have a lot of sports games, meets, and dance classes? Royal Building Products suggests having a “family command center,” simple as a dry erase board by your entry door can help keep everyone on track. It’s also a handy, can’t-miss-it reminder of what’s ahead for the day or the week.

Mix and match

Every family has unique needs for back to school. If you have a pack of high schoolers in sports, implementing hooks and sports equipment spaces makes sense. If you have a child in elementary school with homework to do online or an after-school coding class, the computer by the entry door would be ideal.

Whatever your back-to-school setup may be, if you notice it’s drafty around your entry door, if it’s sticking, or if it’s harder to lock, your entry door could need replacing. Don’t wait until it’s winter and you have a cold draft eating your energy bills! Call us today for an inspection. Receive a free estimate here