If you have a patio, whether it’s covered or uncovered, now’s the time to factor it into your landscaping. For those of you with a green thumb, it’s also time to plant your garden outside. Whether you have sprouts or are buying flowers for a box, your patio can play a major part in your gardening plans.

If you’re not sure what to do to spice up your patio, we have a few ideas that will turn your patio into an outdoor (or indoor) oasis.

1. Flower barrels

Whether or not your patio is covered, a well-placed flower barrel or two can turn your patio into a cozy oasis. You can stock your barrel with colorful annuals, succulents, or even herbs or berries to bring your space to life. If you have a covered patio, look for plants that do well in partial or full shade.

2. Hanging plants

If you have a covered patio, you can take advantage of the cover y investing in some hanging plants. Your local hardware store sells a lot of hanging plants at this time of year. You can even spice up your hanging plants with a macramé holder.

3. Little herb boxes

Do you have a vegetable garden, or is your patio right near your kitchen door? Add some herb boxes to the mix and enjoy fresh herbs in your cooking all summer long. Even better: if you have a grill on hand, there’s nothing like harvesting some herbs and throwing them into a marinade.

4. Trellises

Another great idea if you have a covered patio: get some vining plants and train them to go up your structure. If you don’t want them going up the beams themselves, or your fence, invest in a trellis and place them alongside your beams. You can even place trellises alongside your fence or wall for a beautiful covering of leaves all summer long.

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