Replacing interior doors allows you to consider the style that you are going for inside your home. Also, you can keep these doors from impacting the home’s style by going with neutral ones. But, all the entry doors will have a more substantial impact on the overall appearance of your home. If you want to improve curb appeal, you should get creative when replacing entry doors. Get Creative When Replacing Entry Doors to Maximize Curb Appeal

Stained Glass

One of the easiest ways to make sure your entry doors look unique compared to other doors within the neighborhood is by getting stained glass as part of the design. This is where you will have a lot of flexibility in the design and color choice to ensure that you are satisfied.


Although stained glass will bring light into the home, you will have greater results with windowed entry doors. Just like how you can choose from various designs for the windows around your home, you can look through several styles until you find one that fits your stylistic needs. If you want to maintain maximum security, you can get the window feature at the top part of the doors.


Another great way to make your entry doors stand out from the homes nearby is by going for a bold color. Red, yellow, and blue are some great examples of standout colors. But, you should not hesitate to pick any color, especially when you know that it will mesh well with your home.

Wood Type

When you look at all your options for doors, you also must choose the type of wood. Some woods excel at staining while others are able to provide a great deal of strength for security purposes.

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