As you stare out your window and see spring emerging, you might wonder: who invited the window? Have windows been around forever, or are they more modern than we think? So to have some fun, we decided to welcome warm temperatures with a little history lesson: when were windows first used, and how did they evolve over time?

The first glass windows were made in …

Some of the first windows were made of paper in parts of Asia. The first time that glass was used was around 100 AD by the Romans. In the Middle Ages, sometimes thin animal horn was used.

You might be wondering: how did people see out of paper and horn-made windows?  The glass windows used in days of yore aren’t clear like they are now. They had ripples, imperfections, and round marks that make them distinct even to this day.

They were also manufactured in smaller panes. In the 18th century, glass windows often consisted of small panes held together by timber. While you can still see this antique style today, most glass windows are larger, completely transparent, and sturdier made.


Windows began changing during the Industrial Revolution when Henry Bessemer made two developments: “float glass” that can be poured onto tin and molded faster and straighter, and automated glass manufacturing, meaning making glass window panes was no longer a time-consuming, expensive process.

These developments did two things: first, it made glass windows cheaper to make, and two, it allowed glass windows to be made bigger, making floor-to-ceiling glass (think skyscrapers or your sliding patio door) possible today.

Double-paned and triple-paned glass

As industrialization improved for windows, technology to make glass windows more resilient began emerging. Thanks to this rapid growth, we not only have big, open windows to let in a bunch of light, we have double and triple-paned glass to keep your cozy indoor temperature IN your house, not floating out the door with needlessly high heating and cooling costs.

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