With our modern lives filled to the brim with so much going on, carving out a quiet spot for a meal (under the sun or stars) can be a great way to blow off steam. Your patio can be more than a place to sit – it can provide an outdoor dining spot that’s full of comfort and charm. If you’re seeking an outdoor getaway right outside your doorstep, transforming your patio into a relaxing dining space can be a lot of fun with tips like these:


Choose a Theme

Before you rush into picking flower arrangements or the perfect set of dinnerware, it’s a good idea to decide on a theme first. This acts as the blueprint for designing your outdoor dining space. Think: Tropical paradise, 50’s style, country kitchen – anything you like.

Either way, whichever theme you choose, you may want to make sure it aligns with your home’s overall look. Ideally, your patio space should feel like a natural extension of the decor, with complementary tones and textures.


Pick Your Furniture

The furniture you select forms a kind of backbone of your outdoor dining area. It should be both sturdy enough to withstand outdoor elements, yet also feel inviting. Comfort is key. Look for cushioned seating with weather-resistant fabrics. For larger patios, a bold dining table can be an effective centerpiece. But if you’re tight on space, consider folding tables and stackable chairs that can be tucked neatly away to save room when you’re not using them.


Create Mood with Lighting

The right lighting can lend your patio the perfect atmosphere for enjoying a meal outside. Soft, warm illumination, like string lights, add a cozy feel. They’re perfect for evening meals. Solar-powered lights are both eco-friendly and convenient — they charge up during the day and brighten your patio at night. Consider adding a fire pit for warmth, as well as a central spot to gather. Candles can also double as both functional lighting and delicate mood setters.


Add Plants and Greenery

Incorporate plants to lend your dining space for a breath of fresh air – and a splash of color. For low maintenance options, consider hardy plants like lavender, or succulents, which are not only resilient but also aromatic and nice to look at. You can also use tall, leafy plants to build a natural screen between you and your neighbors. Clumping bamboo, for instance, is an excellent choice for creating some privacy.


Accents and Finishing Touches

Really tie the space together with some extra added accents. Outdoor rugs lend a touch of coziness, while cushions and throw pillows in weather-resistant fabrics soften the seating. When it comes to table dressing, think beyond the designs of the plates — table runners, centerpieces, and unique (theme-friendly) dinnerware all play a part in enhancing your dining experiences.

Keep in mind, patios are as unique as the homes they embellish. So, take the time to play with all the different elements, and experiment with layouts until you’ve created the perfect look for your personal outdoor paradise.

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