It’s the dog days of summer, but winter will be here soon enough. In Michigan, that means the ground will freeze and construction projects will need to be put on hold until next spring.

While no installation company can guarantee your patio cover will be installed before winter unless you call in the spring or early summer, beginning the process now can help ensure your patio cover is installed ASAP, in time for next summer. Here are three reasons why it’s worth a shot to schedule an appointment for a patio cover now.

1. Prepare your Patio for Comfort

No one likes getting sunburned. From being uncomfortable for a week or two to an increased risk for skin cancer, doing everything you can to prevent sun damage is a must. Some people, like the elderly and young children, can’t be in direct sunlight or heat for very long – even with sunscreen.

A shaded patio helps keep you cool in the summer and protects you and your guests and loved ones from harmful UV rays. That means more time enjoying warm, summer weather outside in the cool shade. Since it’s right outside your door, you don’t need to go far to enjoy some time outside in the shade.

2. Durable materials will stand up to winter

In order to enjoy this step, you need to choose a patio that’s made out of durable materials. If your patio is installed before the ground thaws, durable materials will withstand the following winter and many winters to come. Then, once the temperature becomes warm again, you can enjoy a shady, comfortable patio.

Even after your patio survives its first winter, if it’s made of 100% organic material like wood, you may need to replace parts (or the entire thing) before a decade has passed. To enjoy your patio cover for many, many years to come, choose a patio cover made of durable materials, including a roof that can handle heavy Michigan snowfalls.

3. Pick the Patio that fits your house

Is your patio going by a gabled structure or a flat one? Can the roof fit your roof’s dimensions? Ensure your roof isn’t an eyesore and goes with your house. That way, your patio will not only stand up to time and help you and your family stand yup to heat and UV rays, it will look nice for years.

Are you ready to invest in a patio cover? Contact us to get started! Want to see if a patio cover fits your budget before taking the plunge? Get your free estimate here!