The ground has thawed, so you’re probably thinking about getting those outdoor spring tasks done. Whether you need to prepare your yard for a beautiful garden or dig out the stakes that kept your inflatable Santa stuck on your lawn all winter, the time for digging is here. That also could spell some home improvement like a new patio, or a new sunroom that lets you enjoy all four seasons comfortably.

Sunrooms are a big investment, but the payoff will keep you smiling for years. Here are our top three reasons why you should invest in a sunroom this spring.

1. Adds value to your home

Define value, though. Will it be a great return on investment or add value in the form of dollars to your property? According to Forbes, a sunroom could potentially show a 50% average return on your investment when you sell your home, but there are a few money-pits aside from the initial costs, including property insurance and the thermostat.

However, if your sunroom is built economically and durably, the costs can be minimized against the return on investment. Plus, there’s more to value than money.

2. Sparks joy

The greatest value that comes from a sunroom is the joy. Being able to enjoy all four seasons from a sunny room, completely in view of the elements is a treat you’ll enjoy for years. Plus, you can use your sunroom to grow plants and add character to your home.

3. Natural light is great for your health

As we covered, a sunroom is a convenient way to combat seasonal affective disorder. It’s there for you through as many winters as you live in your home. Natural light doesn’t require that you go outside in the freezing months. Plus, on days it rains, there’s nothing like being surrounded by the sound of pouring rain on windows.

If you’ve been struggling with SAD this winter, or want to invest in the joy a sunroom can bring you, now is a great time to think ahead to next winter and install a sunroom. Contact us today and a free consultation!