We all grasp the concept of insulating our attics for the sake of keeping the heat inside. We work hard to pay for the energy to keep our houses warm, so not letting those dollars float out into the ether just makes sense.

But did you know that having your attic correctly insulated also protects your roof? Insulating Your Attic to Protect Your Roof

In most cases, attic insulation is applied between the ceiling joists of the top floor rather than between the roof’s rafters. This is so that the insulation can provide the dual purpose of not only keeping the heat inside of the house but also keeping it out of the attic.

According to a recent article by the Portage Daily Register, “An attic’s temperature must be consistent with the outside air, or rooftop snow can melt and then refreeze when it hits the eaves, building a dam and pushing more meltwater back up the roof. Shingles are designed to allow water to move down them, but will let backed up water get under them, where it can drip into the house.”

Another recent article from the South Washington County Bulletin says, “Homes built before the mid-90s are generally more susceptible to ice dams… A newer home that has very good attic insulation and ventilation really doesn’t have a problem with the loss of heat from the interior of the building getting up into the attic.”

Building codes are always changing and evolving as the construction industry improves itself through constant innovation and correction. If you live in an older home, what was thought to be perfectly acceptable attic insulation when your home was built has since been proved insufficient. Even though it is already insulated, your home is still losing energy and risking winter weather damage.

If you have been on the fence about calling a skilled professional to inspect your attic, don’t wait any longer. Contact D & W Windows and Sunrooms today and let us help you properly insulate your attic and save- not only on your monthly heating bill but from potentially costly roofing and water damage repairs as well.