5 Benefits of Vinyl Replacement WindowsThere are various reasons to replace your home windows, like drafts, rotten frames, and to improve energy efficiency.

You should be comfortable in your home, not cold, making it possible that your windows are at fault, not the weather.  Drafts are one of the most common reasons to consider replacing your windows. While the obvious benefit of new windows is warmth during the colder months, there is also a year-round benefit. Windows with drafts make your heating and cooling system work harder to keep your home at a suitable temperature. As a result, replacing your windows can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly bills.  Aside from energy efficiency, replacement windows have a number of other appealing qualities, such as prefinished frames and low-maintenance exteriors.


When it’s time to replace your window.

  • Foggy windows. Water collecting inside a double-paned or triple-paned IGU (insulated glass unit) causes foggy windows.
  • Structural Problems. When the outer structure of the window fails, it’s maybe time to replace them. This includes the house roofing, siding, and insulation.  In this situation, you will most likely be installing a new window rather than a replacement window.
  • Leakage. Excessive water and air drafts mean that your exterior windows casing is bad. If water continues through the window, it’s probably time to considering new or replacement windows.


The Michigan Window™

D&W Windows and Sunrooms offers The Michigan Window™, the first and only window built and engineered to beat Michigan’s extreme weathers.  Your replacement windows should be an upgrade to your home and The Michigan Window™ is simply a better window at an even better price.

D&W windows are not just factory direct; each window is custom manufactured locally in Davison, MI. We manufacture windows that are specially designed with energy savings in mind and installed professionally by our experienced team. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality product with no middle man. Ensuring that you get the most value for your money all while reducing your need for window repair. Call 800-833-9831 for more information on window replacement today!