Red is a very versatile color for an entry door and it looks great with a lot of different colors of siding

Sometimes people have a tendency to stick to neutral colors like white, gray or beige for their main entry door because they are unsure as to how to select a bolder color.  Yet they can’t help noticing that some neighborhood homes have a special appeal, and the bold choice of color the homeowner used for their entry door seems perfect.  In this post, we will discuss several different dramatic colors and how to coordinate both the home’s siding and landscaping in order to create the most attractive home on the block.

Deep Plum

A deep plumb entryway door coupled with white trim, along with a light to medium gray siding color can create an eye popping look.  Among the lighter colors of the white and the gray, the bold plumb color provides a punch of color to an otherwise neutral landscape.  Great color choices for landscaping include any trees, shrubbery or flowers that produce pink, red, blue or purple foliage, along with dark green-hued plants.


An orange entryway door can make a great statement, although it is best to stick to a darker hue of orange rather than selecting one that is too bright.  Again, white trim will look spectacular next to an orange door and it will also go well with darker hued, wood-toned siding or siding that is gray in color.  When selecting trees, flowers and shrubbery for the lawn, colors like yellow, lime green, purple, rust and peach are all excellent choices.


Red is a very versatile color for an entry door and it looks great with a lot of different colors of siding.  Some homeowners like the looks of a brightly-colored red entry door, whereas other prefer a darker red essentially a burgundy shade, that can look amazing alongside natural stone accents.  Red doors look fantastic on a home with white siding and black shutters, and they can also look very attractive with other neutrals such as gray or beige.  Pink, blue and even purple flowers along with other dark green foliage, all look outstanding against a red entryway door.

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