Patio covesIn any home new or old, a lush, green backyard and comfortable patio complete with all your favorite homey furniture is the dream. Homeowners and renters alike know the joy of having a beautiful back yard and patio, however many patios leave something to be desired when it comes to protection from the hot summer sun or winter rain and snow. You might have the perfect backyard and patio for your family and friends but no awning or sunroom to shade them and keep the rain off. If you feel an awning would be too flimsy, or that a sunroom would require too much construction, D&W Windows and Sunrooms offers a solution to your patio problem.

With a patio cover from D&W Windows and Sunrooms, customers will have a 50 year warranty on a product that uses snap-lock construction to ensure structural strength and will allow them to host friends and family comfortably in high winds, summer sun or winter rain and snow.  The panels of D&W patio covers are finished with a Krystal Kote finish that resists surface damage and chalking from acid rain and optional gutters and downspouts allow proper drainage away from your house, protecting your house, your tools and patio furniture from weather damage.

D&W patio covers will expand your living space more permanently than an awning with little effort. With a lovely outdoor dining set, patio set or fire pit, D&W patio covers will complete your perfect backyard for hosting dinners, barbeques, or relaxing comfortably in your own little piece of paradise.