As summer has rolled in, there are a number of hazards that your roof could face this month. From stray fireworks to thunderstorms, you should prevent any damage to your roof ASAP to have an incident-free summer. Here are our tips to keep the roof over your head safe this July.

Firework hazards

Who doesn’t love fireworks on the 4th of July? Although these festive lights are an American tradition, one wayward firework can cause damage to your roof – and your whole house if you’re not careful.

It goes without saying since fire is part of its name: all it takes is one wayward firework to start a fire on your roof. To reduce the likelihood of a firework fire on your roof, cut away any branches that are overhanging your roof, especially if they’re dry or dead.

More tips to keep your roof safe from fireworks: clean your gutters and inspect your roof for holes. Dry leaves and holes can allow firework sparks to grow or fall into your home.


Another reason you should cut away tree branches from your roof, clean your gutters, and ensure there are no holes on your roof is thunderstorms. Summer storms can bring heavy rain, tornadoes, and even hail to Michigan. If lightning strikes, like fireworks, it runs the risk of catching your house on fire, especially if there are dry branches or leaf debris on your roof.

Heavy rain and hail can turn a hole in your roof into a disaster. Leaks and water damage can cause more devastation to your home in the form of flooding, mold, and more. Hail, if it’s big enough, can cause more holes to appear in your roof!

Climbing your roof

That’s why you should inspect your roof as a preventative measure. Patching up holes, cleaning gutters and removing tree branches now can go a long way to preventing damage and large expenses down the road.

You can climb up yourself, but we only recommend climbing your roof if you’re experienced, physically fit enough to keep your balance, and have a buddy to “spot” you. If not, contact the pros for a roof inspection.

In addition to windows, we properly build and maintain roofs. If your roof is due for an inspection or if you have concerns about its performance, call us today for an inspection! Ready to invest in a new roof that perfectly fits your home’s aesthetics and will keep your family safe for years? Receive an estimate before you take the plunge!