Anything having to do with water in your home, like a faucet, toilet, or sink, should be checked regularly to see if it needs repairs, or worse, has leaks. Your tub or shower caulk is no exception.

The caulk around your tub or shower gets exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Your bathtub or shower caulk needs regular TLC. You should inspect it regularly and ensure that it’s not old, worn, or broken. Obvious signs that it’s time for a replacement include browning around the edges of the caulk, discolored caulk, or dry and cracked caulk. If you see these, it’s time to replace your caulk.

Here are three things you need to know about replacing your old tile or shower caulk:

1. Remove ALL the old caulk

By all the caulk, we mean every bit of it. Leaving some of the caulk behind won’t allow the new seal to last as long, especially if the old caulk id dry or has mold or water damage. If you’re DIYing this project, we recommend using a painter’s scraper or a razor to get the caulk off, and then wiping down any remaining residue with a cloth or non-abrasive scrubber.  Cover your tub or shower with a plastic sheet or cover to protect it from scraping or other damage.

2. Know what you’re replacing it with – and how to replace it

There a couple of caulks you can use: acrylic or silicone. No matter what material you go with, look for a label designating the caulk as “kitchen and bathroom.” That way, you know it’s water resistant and will stand up to splashing or excess water dripping out of your tub or shower.

To replace the caulk, if you’re new to replacing it, use blue painter’s tape to cover the areas you don’t want to get caulk on. Then, apply the caulk with a caulk gun, using steady pressure throughout. Then, wipe the excess caulk down with a rag or a paper tower and voila! Done!

3. Check for larger damage

This is critical, especially if it’s been a while since you replaced the caulk around your tub or shower, or checked your tub or shower for leaks and other damage. While you’re replacing your caulk, make sure your tub or shower isn’t damaged.

If your tub or shower needs big repairs, or if it’s time for a change, contact us today about a replacement. Meanwhile, check out our walk-in bathtubs or tub-to-shower conversions and see what a difference they could make!