Sometimes, you need to replace your windows right away, weather notwithstanding. Although the best times to replace your windows are in the spring and fall, these are also the seasons that become booked up fast.

The good news is that summer has shorter wait times and can have agreeable weather for fixing windows. The bad news is that summer, and factors outside the weather, can cause needless delays. If you need to replace your windows in the summer, or any time of the year, there are a few crucial steps you need to take to ensure your window gets replaced ASAP.

1. Pick the right day and time

Although summer window installments tend to have quicker turnaround times than spring and fall, weather can cause delays. From storms to extreme heat, sometimes, the weather leads to postponed windows installation.

The best way to mitigate weather delays is to watch the forecast and pick a time in the morning before it becomes scorching hot outside. Picking a time in the morning also lowers the risk of having your installment delayed by a thunderstorm, as these are more likely to occur in the afternoon per NASA.

2. Clean around your windows!

Delays might have to do with access rather than the weather. Fortunately, access to your windows is something you can control. Before your technicians come over, move any and all furniture out of the way. Also move any debris outside, low-hanging branches that are in the way, and ensure shrubs are trimmed. Inside and outside, make sure your windows are clean and free from dust and pollen – these particles can affect caulking.

3. Pick replacement windows that will last

At any time of the year, you need windows that will stand up to the temperatures outside, keep outside air out and inside air in, and keep your energy bills low.

You might be thinking that you need summer or winter windows, but in reality, you can enjoy a four-season window all year long, saving you the hassle of changing out your windows every six months. It’s eco-friendly, will last for years, and is made to take on all four seasons that Michigan throws at you, from brutal summer heatwaves to frigid winter blizzards, and everything in between.

If that sounds like something you’re looking for, check out more information on your Michigan Windows here. If you need a window replaced, contact us today! You can also receive a free estimate here.