We often get asked the question: can we install or repair windows in the winter? If a window needs a replacement, no matter what time of the year, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Granted, if your window is having an issue like worn weatherstripping or draftiness, you technically could put a blanket or a towel in front of your window until spring, but, if there’s serious damage to the window, or a broken window, a repair should be arranged ASAP.

If a repair is sorely needed, why do people wait until spring? Spring’s not the best time to have your windows repaired since everyone else has waited until winter is over to contact their local windows experts. However, a lot of people think repairs in the winter can’t be made due to a couple of factors. Let’s address them.

Caulk and other shrinking/growing materials

Since the temperature drops in winter, many people think that replacing your windows in the winter is a bad idea. Think again. Materials for making windows have evolved over time to be able to withstand changing temperatures and therefore last longer.

Granted, there are a few exceptions: experts recommend waiting to change your curved windows, like bay windows, until the spring due to temperatures. That’s no reason you shouldn’t make an appointment now – after all, early spring books up fast.

Major draft, major problem?

Believe it or not, replacing your windows in the winter doesn’t suck up as much energy as you’d think. A lot of people are under the misconception that replacing their windows in the winter will lead to a draft, leading to sky-high energy bills that month.

The reality? The dent in your energy bills won’t necessarily be as bad as you’d think. Experienced window professionals work with a cover to keep as much of the elements out of your house as possible. That also means jack frost won’t be creeping in, inflating your energy bills as much.

Need a window repair or replacement in the winter? Contact us today to set up an appointment!  We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss repairing or replacing your windows, even if it’s winter.