It’s that time of year again. Hang up the tinsel, put up the tree, and go up the ladder and string the lights up. Whether you’re just hanging a strand and calling it a day, or if you want to give Clark Griswold a run for his money, you’re probably climbing up on your roof or hanging decorations around your house’s siding, be safe while doing so! Here are our safety tips for hanging lights outside.

1. Watch the Weather

We recommend hanging the lights on a dry day where it isn’t too cold. That way, it won’t be slippery and you’re less likely to have an accident. Tis is especially true if you’re going up on your roof, but it can also affect your ability to stand safely if you’re walking with a bunch of wires in your arms. Speaking of …

2. Be safe with electricity

Make sure your cords haven’t been damaged. If they have, there could be a pest problem or it could be from wear and tear. Either way, throw them out! Same goes for cracked bulbs and broken sockets. Make sure you have lights specifically made for the outdoors; that way, they’re made to withstand the elements. Don’t overpower your outlets with too many lights at once. And invest in plastic roof clips rather than nails or screws – these can fray your wiring and lead to a house fire!

3. Going on the roof?

There are a ton of safety tips you should remember if you’re climbing your roof. First, grab a buddy! Don’t go up on your roof alone. Make sure your ladder is on a flat surface and isn’t leaning on a loose gutter. Wear appropriate shoes and again, refrain from going up if it’s icy.

4. While you’re at it ….

This is a great time to inspect your roofing and siding. While you’re putting up inflatable decorations, lights, and other festive ground decorations, check your siding for cracks, holes, and other wear and tear. While up on your roof, look for bowing, loose shingles, and more. Some of these can lead to ice dams which will cause more expensive problems down the road. You can read what to look for here.

Notice any issues? Contact us today and we’ll take a look. Need siding or roof repair or replacement soon? Receive a free estimate before you schedule your appointment here.