Is it drafty in your house? As the weather cools down, if there are any drafts coming in, it’s critical that you find out where they are and seal them ASAP. If you don’t, it could cost you in higher heating bills in the short term. In the long term, drafts and leaks could let the elements in, possibly leading to water damage and mold. Unsealed windows and doors can also grow, letting in unwanted guests like insects and rodents.

That said, if it’s getting cold inside as well as outside, you should look through your house, determine where the offending draft, or drafts, are coming from, and take steps now to fix them.

Troubleshooting windows

First, find out where the draft is coming from. Is a certain room colder than the rest of the house? If so, a window or a door could be causing the draft.

If you suspect a window is the cause, try locking the window. Locking windows pull the sashes together, ensuring no air can get in. Larger windows should have two locks to ensure the sashes close all the way. Determine what window you have, or need, here.

If a draft is still coming in, consider installing some weatherstripping along the top sash of the window. Also, inspect around the windows to see if you need to apply caulk sealing.

Door sealing

If you have a draft coming from your door, the fix is most likely affordable. Caulk sealing around the sides of the door and/or weatherstripping on the bottom of the door (if it’s an entry door) can seal up drafts easily and relatively cheaply.

If you already called a service provider and are waiting to seal any drafts, you can temporarily weatherproof the bottom of your door by laying a thick blanket at the bottom. Of course, this isn’t a permanent fix, just a temporary solution until your windows and doors are properly sealed from the cold.

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