How do you make a cramped bathroom look more spacious? Although a spacious master bath or upstairs guest bath are common, more often than not, your bathroom one of the smaller rooms in your house. But don’t fret – you can make a small bathroom look bigger with ease.

If you’re done feeling cramped in your bathroom while you shower or get ready for a busy workday, here are a few tips for sprucing up your bathroom so it looks spacious.

Keep it light and simple

Walls should be white, off-white or light colors. This will maximize the natural light coming in from the windows. Plus, it will keep the walls from looking too busy, which can shrink a room.

A note on accent walls: If you want to create a pop of color with an accent wall, go big or go home. Choose one wall, incorporate textures or big, bold prints, and let that be your one focal point in the room – don’t go too busy.

When it comes to making a small room look larger, less is more, with a couple of exceptions:

Go big on these things:

Mirrors and vanities. Artwork, too, if you’re incorporating it into your bathroom. It may seem counterintuitive, but by making these bathroom fixtures as big as possible you’re

The vanity should either match the color of the walls or consist of natural materials. By choosing a big vanity that blends into the room, you’ll be surprised at how much space it creates. Plus, the drawers in a big vanity allow you to complete a crucial step in making your small bathroom bigger …


Nothing makes any room look smaller and more cramped than needless clutter. From too much furniture to too many towels, a small bathroom can look tiny and cramped easily.

To maximize space and minimize clutter, select a big vanity if possible. A wall-to-wall vanity will have plenty of space to store your towels and bathroom appliances when not in use. Not looking to replace your vanity yet? If you need furniture for storage, select a cabinet that either matches the wall or is made of natural materials. Be sure to take advantage of vertical space, too, if you need extra shelving.

If you’re looking for a more long-term solution to your bathroom that you’ll enjoy for years, upgrade your space with a bath or shower remodel or a tub-to-shower conversion in 1 day! Get your free estimate now or contact us today to start transforming your bathroom into a space you’ll enjoy for years!