As the chilly days of winter give way to the bright warmth of spring, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your home, starting with one of its most sunny spaces: the sunroom.

That’s right, it’s time for some spring cleaning. No worries – cleaning your sunroom is fairly simple, since it’s designed to be low-maintenance. Dedicating some care and attention to your sunroom each spring can significantly extend its lifespan for many more enjoyable years of use. Here are some helpful tips to refresh your sunroom.


Start Outside

Before you kick off your spring cleaning in the sunroom, step outside for a moment. Take a look at clearing out the gutters to avoid any water accumulation that might cause leaks or add stress to the building’s framework. This simple step can help maintain the integrity of your sunroom and prevent potential issues down the road.


Open Up

Open your windows wide to let the stale air out, and the warmth of the new season in.

Dust lighting fixtures, window frames, and all surfaces and decorations to rid them of the winter’s dusty accumulations. Pay special attention to doors, knobs, and switch plates, wiping them down to ensure they shine. Launder any removable upholstery items like throw pillows and blankets.

Vacuuming rugs and furniture is a great way to remove dust and allergens. While you’re at it, consider taking the opportunity to rearrange your furniture. A new layout can inject a breath of fresh air into your living space.


Check the Tracks

It’s pretty common to discover leaves, twigs, and other natural debris making their way into the tracks of your sunroom. Start by using a stiff brush or broom to effectively sweep out any accumulated debris. Taking the time to remove debris from your sunroom’s tracks improves their appearance, and also keeps them running smoothly for years to come.


Clean the Screens

Our sunroom screens can be quite resilient against dirt and grime. Still, in order to maintain their best appearance, consider adding them to your spring-cleaning routine.

Begin by removing the screens from their tracks and rinsing them with a gentle spray from a garden hose. After shaking off any excess water, reattach the screens. For more stubborn dirt, dip a brush in soapy water and delicately scrub the screens until they’re spotless. Follow up by rinsing each screen with the garden hose, shaking off excess water, and repositioning them on the tracks.


Update Your Décor

After tackling all the essential cleaning tasks, you can update your décor to match the season’s warmth. Introduce some light, breezy fabrics and cozy pastel shades. Consider swapping out heavy, dark curtains with sheer drapes that allow natural light to filter through, bathing your sunroom in a soft, warm glow. Finally, try adding throw pillows in shades of lavender, mint, or soft yellow, complementing the seasonal palette and making the room more inviting.


A Sunroom Refreshed

Spring cleaning can be so much more than a checklist. It’s a celebration of warmer days. Plus, a well-maintained sunroom can provide a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

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