If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to go and inspect your roof for repairs. Winter is over, so unless there was damage that needed to be handled ASAP, delaying your trip up the roof was probably for the best. Now, the weather’s warmer and while some days are slipperier than others, there’s probably a nice, dry day or two in the week where you can scale the roof and check for damage.

Most shingled roofs can last about twenty-five years before needing serious repairs or a roof replacement. Metal roofs and stone-roofs can last longer. Either way, roofs need to be replaced or repaired at one time or another. Here’s why spring is a good time to check your roof for damage.

Why now?

A lot can damage your roof in the winter. From ice dams to fluctuating temperatures, your roof goes through a lot in the colder months. Once it gets warm, it’s a good idea to give it a once-over for damage you missed, or little damage that can turn into big damage.

Plus, it’s tax return season, so if you need repairs now, using an upcoming tax return is a good way to keep repairs or a much-needed roof replacement from breaking your bank.

Not as busy as fall

Roof professionals tout fall as the best time of year to replace or repair your roof. However, it’s also the busiest time. The reason fall is considered prime time to repair or replace a roof is due to the more moderate weather – steady temperatures and less precipitation that guarantee more productive workdays – but late spring can work as well since contractors aren’t as booked. Plus, it doesn’t rain as much in May and June.

What to look for

If you’re trying to see if your roof needs repairs, look for cracked patches, buckling shingles, and leaks. Also, go into your attic and see if there are any holes – if you see the sun shining, you need a repair!

Some roof repair signs can be seen from the ground, like a sagging roof. Others are harder to spot, and others aren’t necessarily a sign that your roof needs fixing, like mold and fungus.

Speaking of growth, finding a “garden” you don’t want to see on your roof isn’t a sign you need a completely new roof. It could just be that your roof needs a good spring cleaning (or summer or fall if you find it there then).

If you notice roof damage in spring, don’t wait until contractors book up later! Contact us today and receive a free in-house consultation. We even provide a free estimate here!