The best time to do any home repair, especially window replacements, is when it’s warm. That said, we live in Michigan. Whether it’s too hot, too cold, or just right really depends on the weather. And while the weather’s getting warmer now, it’s still not as predictable as it is on the most optimal time to have outside home repairs done: fall.

That doesn’t mean spring is a terrible time to replace your windows. In fact, there are some upsides to installing new windows in the spring: it’s temperate like the fall, and it tends not to be as busy for contractors. The weather’s still not as predictable though, especially with more rainfall and a higher chance of storms.

To make the most out of installing your windows, here are our tips to hire a contractor and select the perfect window for spring.

1. Schedule your window replacement on a warmer day

We get it. The weather isn’t always predictable, so this isn’t an easy step to follow. The 10-day forecast can usually give you a good idea of when a good day to schedule your window replacement is, but it’s not 100%. We also suggest scheduling your appointment for mid-morning when the weather is beginning to warm up. That maximizes your chances of having nice weather on the day of your windows replacement.

2. Rain, rain, go away

The most critical aspect of weather and window replacement? No rain! Well, almost. Although windows can technically be installed in the rain, some situations, like replacing upstairs windows, make installing new windows too dangerous to do when showers hit.

If the weather is going to be an issue, your contractor should let you know that you’ll need to reschedule ASAP. Just be prepared for your contractor to come another day if showers, especially thunderstorms or tornado warnings, come your way.

3. Don’t just think spring

When selecting the right windows to replace your old ones with, don’t just think about the weather now. Michigan is a state that enjoys all four seasons, so you need windows that will stand up to whatever all the seasons throw its way. From scorching summers to freezing winters, your windows should keep you insulated from the elements and keep your heating and air conditioning in your house. That way, your heating and cooling bills stay low, and your home remains a comfortable place to live.

If you’re looking for a window replacement that will last a long time and keep your home a comfortable, safe place to live, check out our Michigan Windows, locally made to stand up to local weather. And since spring has sprung, contact us today for a free in-home estimate. While you’re at it, why not give our D&W Project Estimate a whirl and receive your estimate before you call?