A sunroom is an excellent addition to a home. Sunrooms add value to a home and make for a wonderful room to kick back and enjoy all of the seasons throughout the year. These additions are also great for keeping the mess outside the house. Let your kids take off their snow gear in the sunroom, or kick off your dirty shoes after cutting the lawn. Are you starting to see just how relevant sunrooms are? Spruce Up Your Sunroom this Summer

If you are beginning to get bored with your sunroom or maybe you are ready to “upgrade” your room, we have a few ideas we want to share. Continue reading to discover 2 ways you can spruce up your space this year!

Update Those Floors

What type of floor do you have in your sunroom right now? Many sunrooms have concrete flooring. If you are ready to cover up that concrete, here are a few options:

Peel & Stick Flooring: Vinyl peel and stick tiles are available at home maintenance stores and are available in many styles and patterns. You can find “wood” planks to mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring or square tiles that mimic ceramic tiling. This type of floor is simple to install. Make sure your surface is clean, smooth and dry. Be sure you have eliminated all dirt and debris to prevent interference with the adhesive.

Area Rug: If you want a quick and simple fix, consider throwing down an area rug. We recommend an outdoor rug to ensure it will hold up and be able to handle wet shoes walking all over it.

Epoxy Flooring: This last option is more-so going to be for those individuals that want to update their floor for convenience, not aesthetics. An epoxy floor can be messy to install but it worth it in the end. You can choose any color of your choice and get to painting… the epoxy topcoat will really seal everything in and protect your floors. The end result will make for a smoother looking finish, as well as easy cleaning and care.

Add a Storage Bench:

Whether you choose to purchase a storage bench or make your own bench, adding one in your sunroom will make for extra seating and less clutter. Store shoes or seasonal items in the bench (out of sight, out of mind).

An easy option for making your own storage bench is to purchase some small kitchen cabinets and a few 2x4s. Build yourself a durable frame and place your pre-built cabinets onto that frame. Connect all of your pieces together and complete with a thick piece of pine on the top. Paint it or leave it as is, but we definitely recommend sending your finished piece to avoid splinters (ouch). Finish it off with some patio cushions!


Don’t have a sunroom? Now is the perfect time to consider an addition. Sunrooms are perfect for hosting get-togethers and help to make your home feel so much bigger.

Do not hesitate to contact us today with any of your questions. With more than 60 years of experience, we know we can get the job done right!