Your front door is what people usually notice first about your home. A stylish entry door can become the focal point of your house, so you want the nicest one that you can find. However, you’ll also want a door that provides security for you and your family.

Solid wood doors are lovely, but they warp and peel. A fiberglass door, such as a Therma-Tru entry door, is more durable and secure. Its wood-grain appearance is just as gorgeous as solid wood, and it’s rot resistant for enhanced durability and longevity. These doors ensure an air-tight and a water-tight seal with foam-filled weather-stripping and polyurethane foam cores.

If your home has a traditional design, a mahogany Therma-Tru door will look fabulous. Its rich appearance will enhance the beauty of your home and provide an excellent first impression. Opt for a design with decorative glass for the ultimate elegance. You’ll enjoy improved energy efficiency since the decorative glass comes positioned between panes of tempered glass.

For a transitional look, try an oak-colored Therma-Tru door. Oak adds a sophisticated look to any home, regardless of its style or your particular decor preference. The corner seals of all Therma-Tru entry doors come in a unique design that provides extra protection against air and moisture filtration. You can have beauty and efficiency all in one.

With a contemporary home, you’ll want a modern-looking door. A canvas-style will work well and add a classy appearance to your home. Choose a smooth, light color for a clean look.  Or choose a design that you can paint, if you want to go bold and get the exact color that you want for your house.

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