How the Entire Family Can Enjoy a Walk-In BathtubMany homeowners’ remodeling wish lists include converting an old bathtub to a walk-in shower, whether it’s a manufactured unit or a custom installation. A walk-in bathtub can provide the appearance of more space and a clean appearance to the bathroom. This upgrade is likely to suit your active lifestyle if you prefer a quick shower to a long bath. Before you toss out that old tub, do some additional research on the design, installation, and expenses of a project like this.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Walk-In Bath?

Walk-in baths, unlike traditional showers, don’t require a curtain or door to prevent the water from spraying, giving a more expansive look, and an open appearance. While prefabricated units have shallow curbs to keep excess water from running onto the bathroom floor, many custom walk-ins have no curbs and do not sloping floor allowing for greater accessibility, which is especially beneficial for those who have joint injuries or mobility issues.

Another feature is a multi-nozzle spray, which is a regular feature in many walk-in showers. Depending on preference, you can have as many as 10 spray nozzles directing water to all sides of your body.

Will My Walk-in Bath Tub Be High Quality?

Unlike major bathroom renovations, tub conversions can usually be completed in as little as one to two days and for a more affordable price. Our specially designed acrylic shower systems include a shower surround, which not only makes for a fast, low-mess installation but also gives your bath a sleek, modern look. You want a tub that will last years to come.

How Much Customization Freedom Do I Have?

While the size of your walk-in shower will be limited by the amount of available floor space in your bathroom, homeowners have a lot of decorative flexibility when it comes to custom design. For the floor, walls, and features such as a shower niche, you can choose the color, glass, and kind of tile.


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