Sunrooms offer the perfect fusion of indoor comfort and outdoor serenity. But, like any part of your house, winter’s chill or summer’s sizzle can make things a little uncomfortable. Don’t let these seasonal shifts rob you of your well-earned relaxation – thanks to these simple tips, you can make sure your sunroom remains a haven of comfort all year round.


Put Up Shades

Improve your sunroom with the addition of window shades. They offer low-cost control over the amount of sunlight you want to bask in. Adjust the shades to let in the gentle morning glow, or dial down the harsh afternoon sun to a softer light. Shades also offer varying levels of light filtering capabilities. You can select from translucent ones that allow diffused light through, or opt for something darker if you need to block out much more of the sun.


Add Ceiling Fans

Putting in ceiling fans can be another great year-round addition to your sunroom. They help cool things down when it’s hot, of course – but they also warm things up during the chillier months.

Look for the switch on the fan that controls the direction of the blades. Flipping this switch makes the blades push the air upwards instead of downwards. This results in the circulation of warmer air that normally rises and stays near the ceiling, distributing the heat throughout the room.


Rug the Area

A well-chosen rug acts as an insulator, trapping heat during the colder months and keeping the room warmer. During summer, a rug can also help keep the room cool by absorbing some of the heat that would otherwise be reflected off the floor. Beyond temperature control, a rug can add an element of comfort and style to your sunroom, making it into a welcoming space regardless of the season.


Change Up the Colors

Thoughtful color choices can either warm up a room or add a cool, soothing touch to it. For example, light colors are highly reflective, minimizing heat absorption and keeping things cool. On the other end of the spectrum, darker colors act as heat magnets. You can also use lighting as a way to enhance, and even transform, how colors make the room feel. Take shades of bright red – they can boost energy levels, giving a sense of excitement to a space. But under lamplight, the red becomes muted, creating a rosy, elegant feel.


Comfort All Year Round

Don’t let unpredictable weather get in the way of enjoying your sunroom – with some thoughtful planning and creativity, you can turn this space into a favorite spot in your home!

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