Lawns, gardens, and landscapes add significant value to your home, and represent an ongoing investment in your property. But landscaping doesn’t simply increase the beauty and appeal of your house; it can enhance your quality of life as well, every day that you live there. Unexpected Health Benefits of a Sunroom

A garden creates a sense of being in tune with nature, as you naturally observe the passage of the seasons in the plants and wildlife. Studies have shown that simply looking at a garden reduces stress and creates a sense of psychological well-being. This peaceful atmosphere encourages people to disconnect from devices and sources of stress and tune in to the present moment unfolding around them. Simple exposure to sunlight increases serotonin and melatonin production, easing depression and anxiety and helping sleep patterns. Exposure to healthy amounts of sunlight also eases many skin conditions and is essential for strong bones.

With a well-placed sunroom, these physical and psychological benefits can be enjoyed year-round by the entire family. From the comfort of a sunroom, you can experience the mental relaxation that comes from tuning in to nature, feel the sun on your skin, and truly enjoy the investment in your garden or landscape. A sunroom is an ideal place to grow your indoor plants, and ease the transition between indoors and outdoors in an appealing way. A sunroom invites the beauty of the landscape into the comfort of your home, connecting your interior decor with the light and colors of nature, and giving you the very best of both worlds.