How much time you spend in the backyard is often related to the number of features outside. If you do not have much to provide entertainment or relaxation in your backyard, you may only go outside to maintain the landscape and play with your children or pets. Even if you have a paved area outside the back door, you will still need to add other features before deeming it finished.

Adding a patio cover is just what you need to make your backyard more appealing. The cover will open opportunities to invite family and friends for socializing, but you can also get creative. Upgrade Your Backyard with the Addition of a Patio Cover

Shade the Desired Area

Some homeowners may want to cover the entire paved area. But, you may want to leave some space open so that you can enjoy the sunshine when you want without being in dirt or grass. You can even choose a slatted patio cover if you only want partial sun coverage throughout the patio.

Add Outdoor Curtains

A great addition to the patio is outdoor curtains. This will give you the ability to block out most or all the sunlight while you spend time underneath the patio cover. These curtains will also help to block out wind on windy days so that you can be outside without items blowing away.

Enjoy Hanging Plants

If you want to add some greenery to the space, you can use a patio cover to hang plants. You can hang a plant on each corner of the patio to keep anyone from running into the hanging planters.

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