If you’re tired of continually repainting the exterior of your home, and you also want to update the look of your property somehow, consider vinyl siding. This durable, impact resistant product is virtually maintenance free and has become a trendy choice for homeowners. For the best result, choose vinyl with a rough cedar finish, molded from real cedar boards, which gives it a natural look that resembles painted or stained cedar. Using Trendy Vinyl Siding to Update Your Home’s Exterior

Colors for Standard Homes – With multiple colors to choose from, finding just the right look for your home is a snap. For example, if you want a rustic look for your house, you can choose a weathered or timber color that resembles the grain of natural wood. For contemporary homes, a midnight blue or charcoal gray will look fabulous. If your property’s style is traditional, you can try a sable brown for a dramatic look or go with light maple to brighten your home’s exterior appearance.

Colors for Special Styles – If you want your home to embody a specific style, you can often find the perfect vinyl to match. For Spanish architecture, you can choose terra cotta colored vinyl. For Colonial-styled homes, if you pick white, you’ll get a stunning look. For a coastal style, a light blue or green color is a fabulous option. If you love the look of a chateau, a grayish stone hue is an excellent choice for your exterior.

Added Protection – Quality vinyl siding is not only gorgeous, but it will include heavy-duty panels. These panels will withstand the strongest of winds and other extreme conditions so you can feel secure that your home will remain protected. Once installed, you’ll have no more worries about the weather peeling or chipping your exterior walls, which can ruin the look of your home.

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