Vinyl siding isn’t a hot buzzword in home remodeling. In fact, it got a bad rap in the past for not being the most eco-friendly option. It’s also criticized for being less customizable than wood or other options.

In reality, its low cost and low maintenance upkeep makes it perfect for most busy homeowners. Wood requires a lot of time to keep up. On top of work, family and social obligations, and daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal home jobs, penciling in time to maintain wood siding can be difficult.

Stucco is becoming a topic of interest in the home world for its eco-friendliness and striking look. Be warned: unless it’s properly applied, detailed, and finished for a cold environment, you could be spending more in repairs than it’s worth.

So unless you’re really into home repair, or have a lot of money to sink into repairs and upkeep, we’d suggest sticking with vinyl.

Does that mean vinyl has to look artificial?

Absolutely not! Vinyl also gets a bad rap for looking fake and cheap. It gets that reputation from days gone by. Technology wasn’t sophisticated enough to create natural looking vinyl when it first came out. Those days are over.

Now, you can enjoy a natural look without constant upkeep and maintenance costs. Vinyl manufacturers like CertainTeed make exceptional siding that mimics real cedar wood. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles so you can have you home looking its best for years and years.

Whether you have a cracked piece of vinyl siding that needs replacing, or if you want to overhaul all the siding on your house, vinyl can help your home stay beautiful effortlessly, no time-consuming or money-sucking maintenance required.

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