It’s time to break out the candy and welcome trick-or-treaters to your home. You’ve probably already put up the Halloween decorations, but do you have a station set up to pass out the chocolate bars, gum, hard candies, or fun-sized potato chips.

Be a Halloween legend this year by spicing up your entry door before the trick-or-treaters arrive. Here are our favorite ideas.

Idea 1: Monster door

Line your entry door with painted cardboard or cardboard covered in painted papier mache (old newspapers will do and are hardier). You don’t need giant slabs – get creative with cutting out scales and jagged feathers. Use two white paper plates or cut out two cardboard circles and paint them white. Then, add some eyes – they can be plain black dots or colorful spirals. Add some teeth to the top of your entry door – make sure they won’t get damaged by your door continuously opening and closing!

Alternatively, if you don’t want to line your door, wrap it in white tulle, throw your eyes on there, and voila! Mummy door. Conversely, you can slap some eyes on a black canvass, or eyes and a scary mouth on your door and make a festive entry door that trick-or-treaters won’t forget!

Idea 2: Spider web

For this idea, you can use cardboard, yarn, or twine. If you use tape, make sure it doesn’t damage your door’s paint job! Paint your materials white, grey or silver if they’re not that color already. Then, go to town with the assembly.

Assembly can be easy or difficult depending on the material you choose. If you’re going with yarn or twine, we recommend starting with a solid base or find a tutorial like this one to help you out.

Idea 3: Haunted porch

Do you have a whole porch? The possibilities are endless! From chicken-wire “ghosts” to scarecrows sitting on rocking chairs, you can literally turn your porch into a haunted hot spot and fill it with ghosts and goblins to greet your visitors.

Bales of hay make festive adornments, as do dried corn stalks for your porch’s beams. You can even mingle with the decorations on your porch and surprise guests.

While you’re decorating:

Getting your entry door ready to welcome trick-or-treaters is a great opportunity to inspect your door for little problems before they become scary. Is your door sticking as you open and close it? Does the lock or bolt need some effort to click in place? If so, you may need to inspect your door and see if it’s time to replace it.

Fortunately, we can help with that. Don’t wait until your sticking door becomes a frightening safety hazard, or until winter comes with chilling drafts that increase your energy bill. Contact us today for an inspection. Receive a free estimate before calling here.