Most homeowners don’t give a lot of extra thought to their insulation, especially once several years have passed after the purchase of their home. However, if you’ve seen your utility bills slowly rise over time to a place that seems out-of-proportion for the size of your home, your insulation could be to blame.  When Your Insulation Isn’t Sufficient

Evaluation of Your Insulation – The quality and level of insulation in your attic will be a determining factor in how much energy and money you’ll save on your bills. Some inferior types of insulation can settle or even decay over time, so you should have a professional evaluation done on your attic to see if you need to replace what’s there. If you do need new insulation, you’ll want to consider a top-quality product such as expanding blown-in insulation with high coverage that can protect even irregularly shaped areas from extreme weather.

Heat Resistance – Good-quality insulation is made up of a product that maintains its R-value, even with a smaller amount of material. R-value is merely a measure of how well a product resists the flow of heat. The larger the value means that the resistance is higher, which indicates better insulation. To maintain the R-value, choose an insulation that won’t easily settle, rot, or decay.

Overall Protection – For the best protection, you’ll want insulation that contains no formaldehyde and is overall non-combustible to prevent any fires and to help keep one elsewhere in your home from spreading. It should also be non-corrosive to aluminum, copper, and steel, so any existing surfaces with such metals aren’t damaged. For the safety of your entire family, high-grade insulation should always be resistant to fungus and mold growth.

To get more information about insulation for your attic, please contact us today. We use quality blown-in insulation that’s certified to contain 50% recycled content, which is the highest in the industry. We can help you to save energy, which will lower your utility bills, with new insulation in your home.