Choosing a new entry door for your home is so important for so many reasons. It’s much more involved than just choosing a certain style or color that you find appealing. Each material option offers its own advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of. You’ll definitely want something that’s going to stand up strong against extreme weather and intruders, while also looking pretty at the same time. Keep reading to learn more about the different entry door options, and why fiberglass is likely your best bet.  Why Fiberglass is the Best Choice For an Entry Door


Most people probably immediately think of wood when they think of an entry door. It just seems fitting. This is probably because for a very long time wood was the only option. Wood doors are aesthetically pleasing and very versatile. Perhaps the greatest benefit of wood doors is that they can easily be stained and painted. The downside to wood doors is that they are very porous. Temperature changes, humidity, and rain will naturally cause wood to expand and contract, eventually causing it to warp and rot.


Steel doors are definitely a step up from wood. They are far more durable than wood, standing up stronger against the sun and heavy rainfall. They will not expand or contract like wood doors do, which means that they will last longer and always open and close smoothly. Steel doors may not look as good as wood doors, but they definitely hold up better and require far less maintenance. The biggest downfall of steel doors is the potential for rust.


Fiberglass is the newest material for entry doors, and not to mention the most popular. They are virtually impervious to all of the environmental factors that threaten other types of doors. The are low maintenance and surprisingly very tough. And if that is not enough to sell you, they also work hard to lower your utility bills with their strong insulation. There are many style options to help you perfectly match your desires.

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