We’re well into fall. The leaves are almost completely off the trees. It’s the time of year where you’re hard at work winterizing your home. The checklist is long, and it includes a crucial step that a lot of people leave off their to-do lists: winterizing their patio.

If you have a patio though, covered or not, there are things you need to do to keep enjoying your time in the sun for years to come. Here’s our handy checklist.

1) Store Your Patio Furniture

Before it gets too cold, take your patio furniture inside for storage. You can place it in your garage, basement, or wherever you store seasonal furniture and décor. You don’t even need to move it if you invest in some weather-proofed furniture covers!

2) Is your patio made of wood?

Winterize it with a seal! A waterproof sealer will save you repairs down the line by protecting your patio from water and mildew damage.

3) Light and heat

If you want to use your patio in the winter, or add some extra security, consider investing in automatic outdoor lights and outdoor heating. These will keep your patio warm and bright during the colder, darker months.

4) Consider Investing in a Patio Cover

Patio covers offer a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months. They don’t offer the same year-round comfort as a sunroom, but they can be a great option for people who want to enjoy the breeze, warm spring days and cool summer evenings outside their home. If you have your patio cover installed in the spring when the ground thaws, you can enjoy your patio with some protection from the elements next year.

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