Bath Wraps and Tub Surrounds in 1 Day

A shower or tub surround can enhance the appearance of your bathroom in much less time and for much less money than a full-scale remodel.


Advantages of D&W Bath Wraps

  • 100% American-made acrylic for superior quality
  • Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection
  • Colors, patterns and accessories to match any budget
  • Elegant feel for a fraction of the cost
  • Most installations completed in one day
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Offering options for every home and every need


Did you know a shower liner can be customized to suit your individual needs? If you’ve dreamed of enjoying your morning routine in a gorgeous shower, spending less time cleaning your bathroom, or having a safer and more secure bathing experience, a shower liner from D&W can make your dreams come true. Since your shower liner is custom manufactured to your exact specifications, you can dictate the size and drain location of your liner. Plus, thanks to our wide array of optional accessories and features, you can create your ideal bathing experience.


Your custom manufactured tub liner is made from 100 percent non-porous acrylic that is mold- and mildew-resistant. Plus, our American-made liners are infused with Silver Shield™ anti-microbial protection, which prevents bacteria from growing and reproducing. This not only makes for an easy-to-clean tub, but also ensures that your tub liner will stand the test of time. In fact, we guarantee that all of our products, including our walk in bath products and tub and shower liners, will never crack, fade, or peel for as long as you own your home.


Unlike major bathroom renovations, tub conversions can usually be completed in as little as one to two days and for a more affordable price. Our specially designed acrylic shower systems include a shower surround, which not only makes for a fast, low-mess installation, but also gives your bath a sleek, modern look.


Barrier-free – This option is ideal for mobility-impaired individuals (especially those in wheelchairs), or anyone wanting an easier way to enter and exit the shower.


Low-threshold – These easy-to-enter showers ensure a safe bathing experience since they can be entered or exited without having to take a large step.


Built-in seated – This type of shower is ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods of time, and also provides a comfortable shaving area for other bathers.


The Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub is designed to maximize the benefits of hydrotherapy, with unique features that will allow you to bathe safely and feel rejuvenated. The safety features of the Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub help with mobility in and out of the

tub, and also help you feel more secure and independent when bathing.


Designed with easy access and comfortable bating in mind, the Jacuzzi® Walk-In Bath gives new meaning to independent living. With Jacuzzi® technology and a variety of safety features, everyone can now experience the true Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy experience. From the perfect placement of PointPro® Jets to the ability to personalize water flow, the Jacuzzi® Walk-in Bathtub delivers the ultimate hydromassage.

Deciding on a welcoming new tub for your Grand Blanc MI home is simple.

A key component in any bathroom overhaul is the tub. Whether a Grand Blanc MI homeowner is seeking a safe, therapeutic tub design or perhaps a pleasing new tub wrap, D&W Windows and Sunrooms has a solution that is suitable and economical for any Grand Blanc MI home.

Since the tub or shower is a large focal point in most bathrooms, there are several factors to recognize.  Take a look at these choices to move your Grand Blanc MI home renovation decision.


Consider a custom made tub liner for your Grand Blanc MI bathroom.

A custom made tub liner and its non-porous acrylic materials are completely mold and mildew resistant. These American made tub liners are infused with Silver Shield (TM) anti-microbial protection to prevent bacteria growth and germ reproduction.  Grand Blanc MI homeowners will find cleaning the new tub a snap with a simple soap or vinegar and water solution while toxic and abrasive cleaners are not recommended. Tub liners are made with high quality materials and are less costly than replacing the Grand Blanc MI home’s bathtub. Tub liners come in a variety of colors and are resistant to cracking or peeling. In fact, D&W guarantees your tub liner for the life of your Grand Blanc MI home


Looking for a safe bathing experience for your Grand Blanc MI home?

Walk-in tubs are in great demand for Grand Blanc MI families with elderly members or young children. Watertight, fast filling walk in tubs are designed by our professional to fit the space available in your Grand Blanc MI bathroom. With the ability to add special features such as bench seating, whirlpool jets, additional drainage and safety rails, a walk in tub can be the perfect addition to a bath upgrade. In addition, Grand Blanc MI homeowners are proud to know their new walk in tub was made in the USA.


Turn an outdated Grand Blanc MI tub into a practical shower.

If your Grand Blanc MI home has at least one bathroom with a tub, consider transforming an under used bathtub into a sensible shower. Recent trends show Grand Blanc MI homeowners prefer a bathroom with a befitting stall shower rather than an obsolete tub.  An acrylic shower structure provides a cost effective tub transformation and a present day look for a Grand Blanc MI bathroom.  With a Lifetime Guarantee the refined feel of a shower surround is quite pleasing.

Save time and money while updating with a Grand Blanc MI tub replacement.


Our experts save time and money utilizing the current plumbing layout in the Grand Blanc MI home.  Easily transform a Grand Blanc MI bathroom in one day with the installation professionals at D&W Windows and Sunrooms. For a fraction of the cost to replace a tub or shower, Grand Blanc MI homeowners are finding an economic and fast solution by calling 800-833-9831.


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