Retractable Awning Installation

Ready to transform your outdoor space? Take your space to the next level with D&W’s retractable awnings!

Whether you’re into classic charm or modern flair, we’ve got you covered. With a variety of fabric colors and choices available, along with superior construction, you can trust that our awnings not only look great but are built to last. Our awnings offer a range of frame colors to match your home’s vibe, giving it that extra touch of personal style.  

Let D&W windows and sunrooms craft the perfect outdoor chill spot for your family gatherings and weekend hang-outs!

Your Personal Paradise
is Just Steps Away.

10' x 8'

12' x 10'

16' x 10'

20' x 10'

16' x 12'

20' x 12'




Matching Covered Housing

Not only does the integrated cover housing the fabric, but it also ensures the frame is protected from rain, wind, and other harsh weather year round.

Strength & Durablility

Shoulder attachments are extruded aluminum for added strength and durability. Our double aircraft cables also help in preventing your fabric from sagging and create premium fabric tension.


Linen Awning Fabric

Cafe Black

Cafe Black Awning Fabric

Desert Sand

Desert Sand Awning Fabric

Cafe Beige

Cafe Beige Awning Fabric

Cafe Gray

Cafe Gray Awning Fabric

Khaki Beige

Khaki Beige Awning Fabric

Cafe Burgundy

Cafe Burgundy Awning Fabric

Harbor Gray

Harbor Gray Awning Fabric

Green Stripe

Green Stripe Awning Fabric

Cafe Navy

Cafe Navy Awning Fabric

Carrot vs. Radish

Unlike some of our competitors, our awnings do not use a surface color application. This is when color is only applied to the surface of the yarn, similar to a radish. Our rich fabric color is achieved by its coloring process. Color is applied throughout the yarn, just like the saturated color of a carrot. This keeps the fabric vibrant and prevents the color from fading over time.

Front Screen

Create additional shade and block the setting sun with the optional front screen. Screens attach to the front of your awning and extend down 5 feet.

Side Screen

Side screens provide additional shade for by extending from the side of your retractable awning and blocks 90 percent of harmful UV rays.

Wind Sensor

Our awnings are designed to handle 25 mph winds, but our unique wind sensor can detect excessive motion and rolls your awning in for you.

Programmed Remote

Instant coverage and you’ll barely lift a finger. With the click of a button, your awning’s motor can extend and retract with ease and comfort.

Manual Override

Your awning comes with a 16’ power cord that is able to reach most electrical outlets. In case of an electrical power outage, the AC tubular motor also comes with a manual override to ensure functional use.

Enjoyment During All Hours

With LED lights, you can enjoy your backyard no matter the time of day. By creating a lively yet peaceful ambiance, your house becomes everyone’s favorite hangout.

Adjustable Brightness Via Remote

Easily adjust the brightness of your LED lights by simply using your remote control. Whether it’s game night or taking in the stars, you can create the ideal setting.

Adjustable Pitch

Easily raise and lower the pitch of your awning to protect yourself against the sun or rain. The hand crank is simple to use and adjusts the awnings pitch to the ideal position.

Keep Your Awning Looking New

By adjusting the pitch, rainwater and foliage easily slides off your awning. This simple feature keeps your awning fabric from stretching and the colors vibrant.

Greater Longevity

The integrated protective aluminum housing shelters your fabric from the elements when retracted. Combined with our 10-year warranty, your backyard oasis will be protected for years to come.

Peace of Mind

With this, you won’t have to worry how your awning will hold up when winter or a big storm hits. Our top-of-the-line quality ensures a trouble-free and relaxing time in your new favorite getaway.

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