Summer is here, and there’s nothing better than spending the day relaxing under your patio cover and soaking up some sun.

However, with those great days come a few risks to the life of your patio cover, whether it’s from extreme weather conditions or general wear-and-tear over time.

We’ve collected four simple solutions to protect your outdoor living space — read on to learn more!


1: Routine Maintenance

Providing your patio cover with regular maintenance is key if you want it to last as long as possible.

Start by giving it a good once-over, scanning for any signs of damage, or wear and tear. Stop any cracks and peeling paint in their tracks before they turn into bigger problems.

And don’t forget the little guys either – those darn screws and bolts can get loose as time goes on. Tighten them up, or replace them altogether if needed.


2: Regular Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your patio cover is an easy way to keep it in tip-top shape, especially when the weather isn’t playing nice. After all, leaving dirt, debris, and other gunk on your cover can cause it to wear down faster, costing you more money in the long run.

To keep it looking brand new, grab a soft-bristled brush or sponge, and gently scrub away any debris you see. Or use a mild detergent mixed with water for those stains that need a bit of extra attention.


3: Clear the Foliage

The leaves rustle gently in the breeze, casting dappled shade on your patio as you lounge beneath your cover. The sound is soothing and idyllic – but it’s important to remember that those leaves and branches can cause problems if left unattended.

Over time, foliage can accumulate and trap moisture against the patio cover, leading to wear and tear, or even damage.

Additionally, long and overhanging branches can scratch or dent the surface. That’s why it’s crucial to give your trees and plants a trim from time to time. Not only will it protect your patio cover, but it’ll also give your greenery a healthy boost.


4: Remove the Snow and Ice

Winter can be a beautiful time, with snow-laden tree limbs and delicate icicles clinging to roofs and gutters. However, it can also be a time when your patio cover is put under heavy stress by the weight of snow and ice accumulation.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – grab a broom or a snow rake and gently remove any snow or ice buildup to ensure the longevity of your patio cover.


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With the right care, you can keep your patio in peak condition and enjoy it long into the future.

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