You’re making sure your driveway and walk are free from slip hazards, right? Did you know there’s another slip hazard you shouldn’t ignore? You probably guessed it – your bathroom.

Getting the bathroom ready for guests is crucial. People are going to be eating and drinking while they’re over, so what room are they going to frequent? If they stay overnight and need a bath or shower, where are they going? You guessed it! That’s why ignoring the bathroom is a bad idea when Thanksgiving guests are going to descend on your house.

Whether you’re hosting people for Thanksgiving Day or having overnight guests over, make sure everyone can enjoy the bathroom with these tips. From preventing slips and falls to providing a festive ambiance, here are three ways you should prepare your bathroom for guests.

1. Fix the leaks

Is your faucet leaking? Shower pressure not up to its usual snuff? We’re stating the obvious: fix it before your guests arrive. You should start a week or two out in case your faucets and shower heads need even more repair.

2. Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Get into the tub! And by get in, we mean go into every crack and crevice with a toothbrush and scrub away dirt and grime. Whether you prefer brand-name cleaners or vinegar and water, now’s the time to deep clean. Believe us, your guests will notice the difference.

While you’re cleaning, check the caulk around your tub or shower for any sign of cracking. If there are cracks or if parts of the caulk or grout are crumbing away, it may be time to recaulk or regrout. Not only will this get your bathroom in top shape, these measures will prevent mold problems from taking hold of your bathroom.

3: The fun part

Decorating! Pick hand towels and bath towels that scream Thanksgiving: think burn oranges, rust browns, ochres, and reds. Don’t just focus on looks, though. Pick soaps with cinnamon and pumpkin notes. Using air fresheners? Same deal. Find scented air fresheners with an autumnal aroma. Putting a night light in? If you want to get fancy, find a night light that has a leaf, pumpkin, owl, acorns, or other fall fun on it.

If you find serious problems with your tub or shower, or if you’re thinking of changing up your tub or shower configuration, a tub to shower conversion or a new bath could be the solution. Prepare for next Thanksgiving while it’s on your mind and call us today! Receive a free estimate here!