Spring is a time for new beginnings. It’s also a great time for widow cleaning. And not just a cursory wipe-down, but a proper spring cleaning to really let the sun shine in. Let’s explore 5 expert tips for spring cleaning your windows, with insights that could only come from your friendly professionals at D&W Windows and Sunrooms.


1: The Right Time Matters

Most homeowners choose a sunny day to tackle their window cleaning, but did you know that overcast days are actually the best time? The reason being, direct sunlight can make the cleaning solution dry too rapidly. That results in unsightly streaks on your glass surfaces. So, with that in mind, aim for a dry, cloudy day to guarantee that your spring cleaning makes for a sparklingly clear finish.


2: Clean the Screens

Similar to our spring cleaning advice for your sunroom, it’s a good idea to attend to your screens early on. Remove the screens, then brush them down to knock off any dust or debris. If they’re especially dirty, you can gently scrub them with a warm mix of soap and water. After that, rinse, dry, and put them back up.


3: Mix Your Own Cleaning Solution

Even though there are plenty of store-bought window cleaning solutions out there, making your own often leads to better results. A simple blend of distilled water with a touch of dish soap and white vinegar can cut through grime without leaving residues that commercial cleaners might. Not only that, but it cleans just as well (if not more so), making it an effective and eco-friendly cleaning agent.


4: Dust the Windows

You probably don’t want to go spraying your windows right away, since they could be dusty. Getting them wet could turn them into a muddy mess. Start by sweeping away any dirt and debris before you spray down the glass. This thorough approach ensures that you’re able to give your windows a proper cleaning, leaving them sparkling and streak-free.


5: Check the Overlooked Areas

Window sills and tracks are frequently overlooked during routine cleaning sessions. However, the accumulation of dirt in these spaces can lead to improper sealing of your windows, potentially affecting its energy efficiency – meaning, it could start leaking air out as well as in. To address this, use a soft brush or a vacuum attachment to effectively eliminate dirt and debris from your sills and window tracks.


Welcome Spring with Fresh Views

This spring, take the time to give your windows the deep clean they deserve, employing these expert tips to ensure the job is done right.

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Disclaimer: Our blog offers general information only; it isn’t an endorsement of specific actions. Please consult professionals and consider your situation before making decisions. D&W Windows is not responsible for any outcomes resulting from the advice provided.