From lighting up your room to letting you view the outside world; windows are a part of making your house a home. Keeping them clean not only brightens your home, but it keeps your house from looking dingy. same goes for your patio doors and other glass surfaces.

That said, keeping your windows (or anything glass) clean can be a royal pain. Luckily, we have some tips and tricks for you to enjoy a streak-free view of your neighborhood and let the grime-free sunshine in.

1. Wipe your windows with a coffee filter

Did you think we were going to suggest old newspapers? Although old newspapers have been touted as a “secret hack” to leave a streak-free window, the ink can stain your fingers. A coffee filter does the same thing and leaves your windows streak-free. And since a lot of us have switched from print newspapers to digital subscriptions, coffee filters are more often than not on hand.

2. A little bit of acid goes a long way

And when we say a little acid, we mean everyone’s favorite cheap cleaning product: vinegar. White vinegar can get rid of watermarks fast along with a little elbow grease. No vinegar? Make yourself a cup of black tea. After it cools for about an hour, the tannic acid in the tea will take care of watermarks and stains, too.

3. Keep a couple tools handy

Namely, a squeegee and a blackboard eraser. These are easy to find at your local craft store or home repair store and are relatively inexpensive. If you still can’t get streaks out, watch some squeegee tutorials online and get squeegeeing! Still have stubborn streaks? Take a clean blackboard eraser and see the magic happen when you wipe them away!

4. Got gunk? Rub it off with alcohol

Is there something sticky on your windows and the tried-and-true ways to clean your windows aren’t working? Break out some rubbing alcohol to get the gunk off! This works wonders for sticker goo.

5. Toothpaste

Got minor scratches and scuffs on your windows? Toothpaste to the rescue! Buff those scuffs away by rubbing a dab of soft non-gel toothpaste with a soft cloth in a circular motion over the stains. Use a damp cloth and wipe away the excess toothpaste. Let it dry and voila!

While you’re cleaning, if you notice any big issues like worn weatherstripping, leaks in the sealant, or big cracks, don’t wait! Contact us today to discuss replacing or repairing your windows.