Replacing old windows in your home turns out to be a surprisingly transformative act. We’ve blogged before about energy efficiency, but it’s much more than that. Simply by swapping quality modern windows into your dwelling or office, a series of changes begins that will prove valuable to you and your family in several dimensions. Let’s take a deeper look at the big wins from new windows! Replacement Windows

  • First, value your personal comfort. Think about all the money and attention people are putting into yoga, meditation, and even phone apps to cut stress levels – but they still spend most of their time is a noisy, dusty environment that could be so much quieter and cleaner! Eliminating dusty drafts from badly fitting windows and making any incremental improvement in blocking street noise and other sensory distractions may seem like small changes, but together they make your home more of a sanctuary, more luxurious and just more relaxing. There’s no place like home – let it be your luxurious sensory retreat.
  • New windows are beautiful. Obvious?  Perhaps, but the results can be profound.  Choose the look you love and love your home — your personal castle — even more with the light of each day.
  • OK, we know everybody knows about the energy cost dimension of replacement windows – but think about how those savings are experienced, especially in the summer.  By reducing solar heat gain, the costs of cooling diminish. And this becomes an entirely passive source of disposable income! No nagging somebody to turn off the lights, no thought at all. Depending on the condition and quality of the older windows, replacements will be a modest or even a significant boost to your ongoing budget as they allow your family to consume less energy without even trying.
  • However, the long game matters as much as the day-to-day wins. The window replacement project has a real impact on your bottom line later, when it enhances your home’s resale value.  Along with the current pleasures of better living and lower energy costs is the opportunity to make your home substantially more attractive to a future buyer.

Replacement windows, as you can see, do a lot more than simply shedding light.  Contact us to find out what a difference they can make in your life.